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General & Emergency

General & Emergency General & Emergency General & Emergency
At Smiles @ Bronberg we can meet all your general dental care needs from comprehensive check-ups, to tooth coloured fillings and extractions. We replace old, aesthetically unappealing fillings with new modern composites that match your tooth colour while being structurally strong.

The Smiles @ Bronberg team take removal of amalgam fillings very seriously!

Amalgam or “silver fillings” are now phasing out, as there have been concerns raised over the mercury content. We offer the replacement of these fillings with composite (tooth colored/”white” fillings) or porcelain. Multiple steps and exceptional care is taken to prevent any excess mercury being absorbed or ingested by the body.

We understand emergencies happen! And teeth are no exception. We have same day appointments available for all your urgent dental emergencies including toothache, broken teeth and trauma related injuries.

Pain is a sign of underlying problem, and seeking urgent medical advice from your dentist is important. By booking with us as soon as you feel anything unusual with your oral health is vital as it could mean the difference between preserving your natural smile, with a minor procedure rather than requiring extensive and expensive long and complex dental treatment.

Our team is committed in providing the Gold Coast community with the best possible outcome and relief of pain in emergency situations.

Looking for the best dental treatment for diverse dental issues?

Get in touch with us TODAY for Dentures, Braces, Root Canal Treatment, and a wide range of dental treatments!





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